Logo Collection

Knowing that logos are a cornerstone of graphic design, I have dedicated countless hours mastering different ways to communicate an idea using symbols. Below you can see some of my favorite logos I have worked on and the process of how I refine them for the client.


Walk A Mile for Mental Health

I was instructed to to design a logo that would be printed on shirts and used for ads that would best represent our new mental health event. Here you can see my process from finish to start.


LA Reform

While designing this logo I wanted to create something strong and solid that people could rely on. La Reform are a group people that got together and dedicated themselves to fighting systemic injustices in Louisiana. It felt great creating a logo for a group with a cause as crucial as theirs.

La Reform Web-01.jpg
Small bus logo-03.jpg


Small Business Spotlight

Small Business Spotlight is a show on the parish television channel that gives local business a chance to shine.


Grind Print & Design

Grind Print & Design is my personal design business. When designing this logo I wanted something true to my style and approach all while remaining timeless.

Website Logo page3real-02.jpg